4 + 1 Options for Retargeting without Facebook Pixels

A good social media strategy cannot be imagined without Facebook ads.

Unfortunately, there are still some companies that place ads on Facebook without having a pixel on their website. Some may simply not know or know too little about it, others may or may not be able to implement it for data protection reasons.

We generally recommend our customers to implement the pixel and all relevant events. This offers a lot more options for tracking and more specific targeting. Nevertheless, we don’t want to withhold the possibilities for remarketing without pixels from you.

1. Use data from the Facebook page

Custom audiences can not only be created from website data, but also from data from your own Facebook page. The advantage is that this data does not have to be tracked separately over a pixel.

If you create a new custom audience, Select the Facebook source “Facebook Page”.

For remarketing, people can be addressed who have already interacted with your Facebook page or your Instagram profile. On the one hand, these can be messages to you, likes, shares or a click on the call-to-action button.

2. Instant experience

Instant Experience (formerly Canvas) is still rarely used: small landing pages that can be created directly in Facebook. You can use it to direct interested parties to an instant experience instead of your own website.

If you have previously used an instant experience, there are two ways to use the results for remarketing. On the one hand, you can address everyone who has opened the landing page again. And on the other hand, the more specific variant: People who have clicked a link on the Instant Experience.

3. Custom Audience through lead form

If there is no suitable form on your own website or the pixel is not integrated, lead ads with forms directly on Facebook are ideal.

Depending on the remarketing campaign, everyone who opened and submitted the form or who opened it but did not submit it can be addressed again.

4. Video Ads

A very common creative format used in Facebook ads is video. So why not retarget the people who interacted with a video in a remarketing campaign?

The new target group can be created based on the playback time of the video. This can be selected according to time or percentage. For example, you can address all people who have watched 50% of a video again.

5. Facebook shopping

Custom audiences from people who have interacted with the Facebook or Instagram shop are brand new. The viewers of the products can be created as target groups as well as those who have bought something or just put it in the shopping cart.

So far this has only been possible for the entire shop. A breakdown according to categories or products cannot yet be made.

These are five ways to retarget in some way. The disadvantage is that you never know whether the person who was approached again has not long since left behind a conversion. What should also be noted: Without pixels, not all campaign goals are available.

We therefore always recommend integrating the Facebook pixel with all relevant events on the website.

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