9 laws that consider good web design

9 laws that consider good web design

Websites with good design and usability observe the following 9 laws:

1. The Law of Design

Above Left and Above Right is reserved for the product logo and search box. Internet users expect the logo there. The search box must also be located in the upper row (although there is more freedom here as long as the search box is placed somewhere near the upper area). Deviating from this breaks convention and risks confusing or frustrating customers.

2. The law of the product category

The navigation for the product category must be present. A first-time buyer does not buy by phone or wants to log into their account directly, let alone see their wish list or shopping cart. First-time buyers search for the search box or the product navigation.

3. The Law of Important Messages

Do you offer free shipping? Then this information should be displayed a little larger than the navigation within the product category.

4. The Law of the Left Side

The left side is the most important area on a website. Use it for important action opportunities and do not waste it for newsletter registrations or daily news.

5. The Law of Availability

The website needs to load quickly. Does your service provider offer fast web space? Do you offer a flyer or do you have an extensive flash area? Does it take 30 seconds or more to load? Which products are in stock and which are not? Do you provide any information about this? Should you.

6. The law of merchandising

Merchandising and impulse buy offers have no place on the left. These areas should also have the same design as the rest of the website.

7. The Law of Links

Links mean information. Information needs to be well organized and presented sensibly.

8. The Law of Specifications Information

within your website, your shop must be accurate. Why are certain products “featured products”? Wouldn’t it be better to have “Top Sellers” or “Clearances” or “New Products”? Why should this product be bought? Pay close attention to the terminology in your statements.

9. The law of mobile use It

must be possible to use all pages properly on the move.

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