Angular 11.1 released: Support for TypeScript 4.1 integrated

Angular 11.1 is the first major update for the current major version of the framework. There are of course numerous bug fixes included. The minor version also brings new features, especially for the compiler and the compiler CLI and the language service.

Angular is always up to date when it comes to TypeScript. The minor version of Angular 11, which has now been released, brings an upgrade for language integration and supports TypeScript 4.1, the latest version of the language. Of course, this is not the only innovation in Angular 11.1 that has now been finally released. The update also includes many bug fixes in various areas of the framework, as well as some feature changes. The latter can mainly be found in the compiler, compiler CLI and language service.

Angular 11.1: New features for compiling

What has changed, for example, is that it can ɵɵngDeclareComponentnow also be used with the JIT compiler. The component declarations should actually be translated completely into AOT-compiled code. The JIT integration is only a fallback for cases in which this is not possible. Same goes for ɵɵngDeclareDirective. In the language service, automatic completion is now available for structural directives and for global properties in Ivy. In addition, options are now available for styleURLs and templateURLs to quickly call up definitions with Ivy. Treeshaking has been expanded for the performance of the framework. In various areas of Angular it is now ngDevModeused to include warnings in the optimization process.

As always, further information on Angular 11.1 can be found in the release notes . One to two minor releases per major version of Angular are currently planned. Work on Angular 12 should start soon, as the final release of the new major version should take place in spring. Karsten Sitterberg expects Angular 12 to be published in February; Based on the release date of Angular 11 in November and the usual six-month interval between the major versions, a period until April would be conceivable.

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