Can I afford to Do Without Microsoft Advertising?

Microsoft Advertising reaches people worldwide: 13 billion search queries are placed on Bing every month, LinkedIn has 675 million members, Microsoft partners include AOL, Yahoo and The Wall Street Journal. In this blog post, we explain whether I, as an advertiser, can actually afford not to use Microsoft Advertising and thus also ignore an advertising-relevant audience.

1. Reach and growth

In US alone, the search share at Microsoft has changed in the last five years: While the search share of users for desktop has changed, it is 36.9% in 2020 ( source: Insights Microsoft Advertising ). Accordingly, more and more people are being reached via Microsoft Advertising.

However, this number has to be seen in relation to Google: Even if the search share at Microsoft Advertising is growing steadily, the share compared to Google can be classified as rather low. 

2. Advertising opportunities

It can be stated that with Microsoft Advertising it always takes a little longer before innovations are implemented. The search engine giant Google is often much faster and further when it comes to new features in particular – or advertising opportunities in general.

Search and shopping

If you want to advertise with Microsoft Advertising, you have various advertising options that you already know from Google Ads. This includes shopping campaigns, various search campaigns (e.g. extended text ads and responsive search ads) or various extensions such as sitelinks, price extensions and many more.

Also DSA (DSA) can be entered into the account quickly and without set of keywords. It is an ideal way to discover new potential. Not only the description texts but also static headings can be stored here .

Remarketing lists

As already mentioned in a previous blog post by us, remarketing offers high potential for advertisers, as it addresses users who have already interacted with the website and are at different stages in the buying process.

It is also worth using the remarketing potential with Microsoft Advertising: The minimum cookie pool for a remarketing list in Google Ads is 1,000 users, so that the requirements for the search network are met. With Microsoft Advertising, on the other hand, only 300 users are required.

Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is a form of remarketing that will soon also be available in Microsoft Advertising (more information on this in the Microsoft blog ).

Here users are addressed who have already interacted with the shop or website in some way.

Microsoft Audience Network

With the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN), a new feature is now being used in America: Here, image ads are displayed as ad extensions (so-called target group ads) across devices on MSN, Outlook and Microsoft Edge. Either your own images must be used for this or suitable images are automatically stored by Microsoft.

But we still have to wait for entire campaigns to be set up for the MSAN.

3. Fast Google import

If you decide to use Microsoft Advertising and you are already advertising with Google Ads, there is a quick solution: Google Ads Import. This means that campaigns in Microsoft Advertising do not have to be recreated . The import from Google Ads can be used for both search campaigns and shopping campaigns.

Keyword research, building campaigns, storing negative keywords, structuring individual campaigns, creating text ads – all of this can be imported to Microsoft with great time savings. And should you still need help, Microsoft Advertising support is available immediately.

But not only time savings and support play an important role. The cost savings should not be ignored either: Microsoft Advertising has lower CPCs than Google Ads.

4. Advantages for the B2B area

With LinkedIn profile targeting, Microsoft provides an exclusive option : bid adjustments can be made for the company, the industry or the job function of the user. With this precise and unique targeting, several hundred industries and thousands of companies can be addressed.

In addition, a large proportion of employees in the business area use the Windows operating system from Microsoft. In July 2020 alone, this operating system achieved a market share of around 78% of global page impressions ( source:

This is so important because Bing is preinstalled as the standard search engine in the Windows operating system and is therefore often used. This can be exciting, especially for companies in the B2B area, because this is where their target group (business customers) is reached.

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Overall, Microsoft Advertising offers many advantages, but also disadvantages. But every new channel also has potential that needs to be tested.

Google Ads is the front runner as a search engine – but Microsoft Advertising should not be dispensed with. Search engine advertising on Microsoft Advertising can and should complement Google Ads.

After all, using the two channels is not a David versus Goliath battle. Rather, it can be a joint path between Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads, the goal of which is specified by the advertiser. In this way, the greatest possible turnover can be generated on different channels.

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