Deno 1.6 released with Language Server

Shortly before the end of the year, Deno 1.6 once again brings exciting new features for developers. Among other things, the update implements the Language Server Protocol in the Node alternative, so that Deno can now use many practical features in code editors. But that’s not all.

Deno 1.6 is here. The update includes numerous new features. This includes the now integrated Language Server, which will enable support for many code editor features. Deno can now deno lspaccess features such as code completion and linting in code editors via the -Sub command. At the moment, however, the new language server integration is not yet feature complete and is clearly being developed. True wasdeno lspalready delivered, but it cannot yet be used together with the Deno extension for VS Code, which at the moment also offers a larger range of features for the code editor. If you want to test the language server support in VS Code, you can do so using the Canary version of Deno. The language server implementation is to be expanded significantly in the coming weeks.

Deno Compile introduced

The Deno team has also implemented a request that Deno users have expressed very often: With deno compilean option is now available with which self-contained, independent binaries can be created. This is the feature that received the highest number of positive votes in Deno’s issue tracker. This innovation in Deno 1.6 can only be used with restrictions so far. deno compileneeds that--unstable-Flag, since breaking changes are still possible. There is also no virtual file system integrated into the Deno command, so that assets cannot be packaged. Here, however, the Deno team doesn’t seem to be planning to change anything. Instead, it is hoped that a virtual file system may no longer be necessary in the future if ECMAScript allows the direct import of assets. Corresponding proposals are currently being discussed at the TC39.

Further information on the plans for deno compile and all other changes in v1.6 can be found in the blog post for the release .

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