Digital Self-employment 2021 – These Are the Most Popular Models

The year 2020 has shown how precious digital independence is. Companies that have been striving for their digital transformation for a long time and work with digital technologies now have clear competitive advantages. But digitization is not only useful in times of crisis, but also in everyday business. This article introduces the most popular models that digital self-employment will work with in 2021 and in the future.

Different models for digital self-employment

Digital independence can be achieved in many ways. There are companies that use traditional brick-and-mortar stores and sales strategies, but incorporate digital technologies into their everyday work. For example, it is possible to use your own online shop, conduct e-mail marketing or give customers an impression of the range using virtual reality. In such a case, digitization is a bonus for the company processes that are already functioning. Alternatively, it is also a good idea to benefit from an already established brand awareness such as Amazon, to sell your own products and to use the help of a reputable Amazon PPC agency for this purpose.

On the other hand, there are freelancers who rely completely on digitization. For example, copywriters and graphic artists are known who carry out orders according to customer requirements. They mostly work in the home office and therefore need digital technologies for their tasks.

A kind of mixed form are companies that offer classic goods and services, but completely forego stationary shops. These are only represented in online retail with an online shop and all of their articles are presented digitally. Experience shows that companies that pursue a multi-channel approach are particularly successful. These combine stationary offers with digital features, so that an immediate shopping experience is combined with the advantages of digitization.

The importance of having your own online shop

Regardless of which form of digital independence you choose, there is no getting around an online shop. A company can only be successful if it is found by the respective target group and can convince them of its own offers. Most people nowadays use online channels for information when they are looking for goods or services. The company’s individual presentation is just as important as customer reviews, social media posts and recommendations from friends and customers.

If you want to be digitally successful, you have to create a professional online shop. Some companies have the appropriate skills in their own company and employ special employees to take care of the online shop. Others prefer to concentrate on their core competencies and outsource the relevant tasks. It is important that the online shop is always thought of by the customer. It must be user-friendly and offer a good overview. Only when visitors find what their search engine search promised them in the shop will they turn from guests into customers and generate sales.

Achieve awareness through SEA

Professional SEO has lasting effects and ensures that a company is ranked as far ahead as possible in search engines in the long term. In some cases, however, it is not possible to launch and publicize certain projects or offers in the long term. In such a case, it is worth using the SEA. These are advertisements that are targeted to the search engines. With them, it is possible to address customers directly and to be particularly present for a certain period of time.

Search engine advertising follows completely different rules than classic advertising for analog media. Therefore, even with experience in traditional advertising, it is not always possible to create and serve suitable advertisements for the search engines. There are also agencies for this purpose. They take care of all the tasks associated with search engine advertising, so that the companies can pursue their actual processes undisturbed. Advertising often achieves measurable effects within a very short period of time, through which additional sales are generated.

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The paperless office

A central task in digital self-employment is to achieve a paperless office. This means that all company-relevant data is available in digital form. This has the advantage that less space has to be made available for files and document cabinets. In addition, the required information is available to all responsible employees and they can access it anytime and anywhere. This is particularly advantageous if data from the company headquarters are required for a customer meeting on site.

Furthermore, it makes an active contribution to environmental protection in the office if paper is largely avoided. More and more companies are striving for an ecological image and should use this lever. Last but not least, the data in a paperless office is protected against loss. Once a fire breaks out, paper documents are lost forever. However, if these are stored in digital form, they can be regenerated. It therefore often makes sense for companies to work with a cloud provider. This offers the necessary space to keep all digital information safe and easy to find.

The relevance of social media for corporate success

Digital independence is hardly imaginable nowadays without social media marketing. Social networks offer companies the opportunity to make direct contact with their target group and to make interesting and individualized offers. In addition, they receive direct feedback from their customers here and thus recognize optimization potential particularly quickly.

It is important to have a permanent presence in social networks. Anyone who only posts things for certain campaigns or celebrations quickly appears implausible. This gives customers the feeling that something is just being talked into them, and otherwise they are not interested in the company. It makes more sense to continuously offer interesting content. The customers therefore have a reason to deal with a company on a regular basis and to visit its various channels. This creates long-term customer loyalty and one-time buyers become regular customers.

There are a variety of digital technologies that companies can use for their processes. For example, automation is extremely helpful in communication. Customers do not come into direct contact with employees, but are looked after and advised by chatbots. This has the advantage that advice can be offered around the clock and that the workforce has more time for their actual core competencies. It is also possible to make appointments digitally and to use virtual telephone numbers. For freelancers, it is also helpful to have a digital résumé available with which they can present themselves to potential new customers and present themselves.

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