Featured Snippets: No Further Mention on the First Page

From now on, pages that are prominently highlighted as featured snippets on Google search results do not appear again in the form of a normal search hit on the first search results page. Danny Sullivan announced this in a post on Twitter. Avoiding duplicate mentions should help users to find the information they are looking for more quickly. Up to now, it has indeed been the case that a page that was highlighted as a featured snippet at the top could appear again below in the search results. 

What is a featured snippet?

The term “Featured Snippet” means the prominent highlighting of a page in the search results. A featured snippet is also referred to as “position 0”. Many website operators see it as an award when a section of their website is used for this purpose. Often, specific questions are answered with the help of featured snippets. For example, if you google for “How is coffee brewed?” You will find a longer excerpt from Wikipedia that could already answer your search query: 

 This is exactly where opinions differ: While on the one hand it is viewed as a kind of “accolade” when Google uses a page as a featured snippet, the downside of the coin is that this page potentially receives less traffic because the user’s search query has already been answered with the featured snippet. This can cost site operators traffic and thus revenue. On the other hand, the snippet gives your own website more attention. If you refuse to display your own page as a featured snippet, the page of a competitor could be used for this and then you would also be left out. There is already a case in which legal action is being taken against Google because song lyrics are sometimes displayed as featured snippets. A website operator accuses Google of having taken over these texts from its pages without permission.

Video: How to get Featured Snippets.

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