Finding a Good AdWords Agency – Tips from the Pro

Advertising with Google AdWords is an indispensable marketing tool for many small and medium-sized companies. However, many entrepreneurs and those responsible for marketing find setting up an optimally working AdWords account and its permanent maintenance and post-optimization to be too difficult. You are therefore looking for a Google AdWords agency.

Here you will find good tips for an optimal AdWords agency selection.
A Google search for ” AdWords Agency ” in your own city quickly shows that there are many providers of AdWords services. Just as quickly it becomes clear that it seems almost impossible to compare the quality of the service providers with one another. But how do you find a good AdWords agency that works successfully to achieve the company’s individual goals?

Find the right AdWords service provider

Certificates can be a good first point of reference. When it comes to Google AdWords, you should pay particular attention to the Certified Partner Certificate. The certification as “Google Partner” agency is not easy to achieve. The agency must:

  1. keep an agency account with Google AdWords for at least 90 days,
  2. manage a five-digit sales volume in this agency account,
  3. have at least one employee on the team who regularly successfully passes two exams and
  4. prove through their daily work that learned AdWords knowledge is successfully implemented for customers.

Thoroughly examine Google AdWords certification

Don’t let the “Google Partner” logo on an AdWords agency’s website dazzle you. Certification is only valid if the agency links this logo directly to the corresponding confirmation page for the agency in the Google partner search. Agencies that cannot be found in the Google partner search are abusing the partner program and want to dup the light of trusting entrepreneurs.

If you have “shortlisted” two, three or four AdWords agencies, then a discussion between the agency and the company makes sense – by phone or in person!

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The following AdWords-relevant questions should be clarified:

  1. What goals does the advertising company have – qualitatively and quantitatively?
  2. Which target group should the AdWords advertising reach?
  3. Who are the company’s competitors?
  4. How does the company want to position itself in the AdWords ads?
  5. How should the target group be excited?
  6. Where are the opportunities and where are the risks?
  7. What timeframe is planned?
  8. What is the budget?
  9. How is success measured?

Only when these questions have been clarified can a good Google AdWords agency work out a serious and viable offer. Such an offer ensures at all times that the company and agency never lose sight of the goal in the course of the cooperation.

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