Forum Links Can Degrade Reputation

Forums are often used to build links. Now someone wanted to know to what extent this approach is actually effective. A user asked via Twitter whether it made sense to provide forum posts on websites like Quora with links in order to improve one’s own rankings.

The short answer is, “Posting self-promotion links on websites that accept user-generated content is a great way to build a reputation … as a terrible website”.

This answer does not make it clear whether this relates to the reputation of the forum or the website that the links are intended to promote – or both.

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What does that mean in concrete terms?

The extent to which the setting of forum links actually has a detrimental effect always depends on the individual case – in particular on the intensity of the link building and its type. Often users set links because they simply want to show something to other users. Setting such links should not be included. It looks different when someone consciously creates links in forums. If someone exaggerates and places, for example, twenty links on a certain page, preferably with an “optimized” link text and title attribute, this could be unpleasant and have corresponding consequences for the rankings.

What can you do about it? Forum operators have the option of setting links to “nofollow”. The “ugc” attribute ( we reported ) introduced some time ago also indicates to search engines that the content is user-generated, which helps them to classify the content.

As a website operator, you should take a look at the Search Console from time to time. If manual measures are imposed because someone is creating artificial links – for example to want to cause damage – you can find out here and take countermeasures (” disavow “).

Ultimately, it depends on the context in which links are set in forums. If a user wants to show something to others, it should behave differently than if certain pages are obviously to be advertised on a large scale.

Video: Do Forum Backlinks Hurt Your SEO?

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