Gatsby 2.28 released: Focus on developer experience

Gatsby, the React-based framework, has received a few updates recently. This includes, for example, the new File System Route API, which is intended to make it easier to get started with Gatsby. This goal is also pursued in the latest release, v2.28. What has changed?

Gatsby has now reached v2.28. The latest update follows a trend that began a while ago: Gatsby should become easier to use. The Gatsby team only introduced the new File System Route API in v2.26 at the beginning of November. This means that routes can now be created using the names of files in the Pagesfolder, not just using gatsby-node.js. This should make it much easier to get started with Gatsby, as Lennart Jörgens reports in the blog post about the new API.

gatsby-new: Simply create new projects

However, this is by far not the only innovation that pursues this goal. Just days after V2.26 already followed Gatsby 2:27 and brought a scaffolding tool with: npm init gatsby. The tool lets developers choose which CMS, which plug-ins and what kind of styling they want to use in their Gatsby project based on questions and takes care of the setup. To make this mechanism easier to use, the now released v2.28 introduced the option gatsby new. The same process for creating projects can be called via this.

Even beyond these first steps for project creation, v2.28 shows that the Gatsby team is concerned about the developer experience. For example, if you work with features that are still behind flags, you can now gatsby-config.jsactivate many of them in without specifying the environment variables for them. The indication of whether the experimental feature on Windows, Mac or Linux or in a cloud environment to be used is, thus become unnecessary in the following cases: DEV_SSRQUERY_ON_DEMANDLAZY_IMAGESFAST_DEV FAST_REFRESH.

Further information on the new features of the last Gatsby releases can be found in the changelog on GitHub .

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