Google Analytics shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts (shortcuts) have become an integral part of everyday office life. (Almost) everyone knows and appreciates the keyboard shortcuts for programs like Word and Excel, which help us save time and effort. But only a few users know that there are useful shortcuts within Google Analytics that are very helpful in daily work.

We have put together an overview for you with valuable keyboard shortcuts with which you can save a lot of mouse clicks and use Google Analytics even more effectively. The following 14 keyboard shortcuts will help you to make your analyzes and evaluations in Google Analytics faster and more productive.

Shortcuts for periods

In order to be able to evaluate the performance of a website, it is important to see the appropriate KPIs segmented or in comparison. Without corresponding comparison values, aggregated or average values ​​otherwise have little informative value. In order to measure the success of optimization measures, period analyzes are often carried out: How has the number of organic sessions developed compared to the previous month / previous year / previous period? Has my bounce rate improved or worsened etc.

The following key combinations allow you to quickly adjust the selected period / comparison period:

Keyboard shortcutsfunction
d + ttoday
d + yyesterday
d + wlast week
d + mlast month
d + 7last 7 days
d + 30last 30 days
d + cCompared to the previous period
d + xCompared to the same period last year

Shortcuts for applications

Other keyboard shortcuts that make it easier for you to use Google Analytics:

Keyboard shortcutsfunction
aopens account overview
Hopens help center
mhides the navigation menu
sopens search box for reports Tip : the most recently accessed reports are automatically displayed here.
Shift + dopens the default dashboard of the current profile
Shift + aopens the account list

We are currently not aware of an official and current list of all shortcuts for Google Analytics. However, if you know any other keyboard shortcuts, please let us know so that we can expand our overview accordingly and keep it up to date.

Do you also work with Google AdWords? Here, too, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts that help you to make your analyzes and evaluations faster and more productive. You can find an overview of the current shortcuts in our article Google AdWords Pro Tips: Shortcuts .

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