Google Brings Free Shopping Results to Search

For special search queries, Google wants to show free product entries in the search. Is that the breach of the dam?

As early as April , we highlighted that Google Shopping should in future consist of free results with a single row of ads . Now Google has refilled and free results for the search announced – at least in some cases.

“Initially” only product results that are displayed in a product info box are affected by this.

Such info boxes appear when a specific product is searched for (or Google interprets the search query in this way). So only a small part of the shopping impressions is affected.

In addition, only the USA are initially affected, where the free results “this summer” are to be displayed first on a mobile device and later also on computers.

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Useful from the user’s point of view

The offers in product info boxes naturally revolve around exactly one product, so that it essentially amounts to a price comparison. From the user’s point of view, it is therefore to be welcomed if many offers are made comparable here. The current solution, however, restricts the selection to paid search results and thus offers a sub-optimal result for the user.

This conflict of interest between the best and the most lucrative search results is commonplace on Google, but rarely as clearly visible as it is here.

Mixed feelings with dealers

It tends to be particularly lucrative for retailers to be found in the search for specific products, since here they encounter users who know exactly what they want and are accordingly ready to buy.

Anyone who knows our shopping strategy knows that we put a certain amount of effort into being able to use the relevant search terms in our own campaigns. It is quite possible that this aspect will disappear. It’s a shame, but it can’t be changed.

Those who don’t specifically target valuable search queries might not notice the difference. It is definitely an additional opportunity for particularly cheap dealers. Of course, this is especially true if you are not investing any money in Google Shopping anyway and are now benefiting from free results.

Is there more to come?

When reading Google’s announcement, I noticed a phrase:

Initially , free listings on Google Search will appear in a product knowledge panel did shows buying options for a Particular item […]

mean the word “ Initially ” here to mean that it is only about the first step, so that more is to be expected.

But I can’t imagine that Google will actually herald the end of paid product results. Our customers spend 20–80% on shopping ads. Google is unlikely to accept the loss of corresponding advertising money.

We can therefore be curious to see how Google intends to further transform the presentation of product results. Advertisers can largely sit back and relax: Google Shopping will remain a main source of income for the foreseeable future.

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