Identify Historical Titles for Search Engine Optimization.

The last question on Facebook was which methods or tools can be used to analyze historical titles for search engine optimization. This can be important if you have made a change on a particular day and want to assess in a second step whether this change had an effect.

How can you analyze historical titles with tools?

A classic tool for this application would of course be With Webarchive, you can travel back in time by entering a specific URL or a search term. For example, you might notice or find the following

  • Approximately when was an article created?
  • You created an article and removed it from your blog (410), but you need it again.
  • You created an article and it disappeared in the course of a relaunch, but you will need it again
  • Do you need the old appearance of your competitor for a presentation?
  • Do you need information about your old metadata, such as title and description?

The disadvantage with is of course that no daily log of your pages is created here, but only a “capture” of your URL is made at a certain point in time.

Analysis of historical titles with Google Analytics

If, however, it is not about texts, but about actual titles on your website, then Google Analytics is certainly the better tool here, as you get much more precise data here. So: You call up a longer relevant reporting room in GA. Then report tab -> landing pages and as a secondary dimension you set the page title.

In the next step, you can check the respective lines and use “Show lines” to see exactly when you have changed titles on your page. Here is a screenshot of what it could look like. The advantage is that you can see exactly when you made these changes.

What do you need this information for?

Use case 1: For example, you want to know when changes were made to your titles and whether they were actually successful.

Use case 2: You did a relaunch and unfortunately forgot to set your redirects correctly. This is what your old URL looked like

  • Example of an old URL:
  • Problem: The old URLs were not forwarded and now produce a 404 error
  • Question: Unfortunately there is no documentation of the old URLs. What is the name of the new page? Where can we forward to?
  • Question: How can we at least forward all “important” pages 1: 1?
  • Solution: You take all the URLs that had significant page views before the relaunch and then use the secondary dimension page title to find out which page it was.

If you have other ideas what you can find out with the dimension page title, please leave us your ideas and suggestions in the comments.

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