JavaFX15, Vue.js 3 and ECMAScript 2021

First too hot, then too cold: Our topics in September were just as diverse as the weather. Because among other things, both our article about the abolition of the term “master” from the coding at V8 and GitHub and our interview about the association “Girls Who Code” caused a stir.

In September we witnessed and followed up on many new releases. At the forefront of our most read articles of the month are the releases of JavaFX 15 and Vue.js 3. There is also news from ECMAScrip 2021. We wish you “Have fun!” While reading our highlights from last month.

10. Shoelace 2.0 relies on Web Components for all JavaScript frameworks

Our news about Shoelace 2.0 lands in the top 10: Reusable web components have long been a hot topic in the JavaScript world. A web component that can be used anywhere sounds tempting to many developers! The component library Shoelace, which is now available in version 2.0, promises exactly that.

9. Modernize WPF apps with .NET Core and XAML Islands

With .NET Core and XAML Islands we are in 9th place. With the two technologies, WPF applications can be modernized step by step. But how do you go about it? Thomas Claudius Huber explains that in this talk from BASTA! Spring 2020 .

8. Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3.1 supports GitHub Codespaces

And the next Microsoft topic lands in # 8. At Ignite 2020, Microsoft announced the support of GitHub Codespaces in Visual Studio. With Visual Studio Preview 3.1, the implementation is now officially available as a beta version. Developers now have the option of accessing the development environment hosted in the cloud via browser or Visual Studio.

7. WebStorm 2020.3: Early Access Program started

The integrated IDE from JetBrains takes our 7th place. It is on the home straight for the release of version 2020.3. Now the Czech company has announced that the Early Access Program is now available and brings some new functions for testing.

6. The technology behind Bundesliga Match Facts xGoals

We’re getting closer to midfield. The Bundesliga itself is in the position of the classic 6-a-side. The German Football League (DFL), which is responsible for the organization and marketing of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, wants to offer its viewers and fans new, innovative content. A prime example of this is the ML-based calculation of the probability of a goal scoring using xGoals, one of the Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS. After the first part has dealt with the basics of the statistical offer, the underlying cloud infrastructure is considered below.

5. Girls Who Code: “Everyone can learn to program”

The Girls Who Code make it to 5th place. That women are still underrepresented in the tech industry is a sad fact. But in the meantime something is happening in many places: The CodeWeek takes place in October in Germany and many other countries around the world. We spoke to Kara Sprague, board member at Girls Who Code and Executive Vice President and General Manager at F5, about why everyone should be able to code today. It also gives some interesting hints, tips and tricks on how you can take the step towards development and get involved in it.

4. ECMAScript 2021: Another proposal for Internationalization API Specification completed

ECMAScript 2021 takes the unfortunate 4th place. Also in September the TC39 voted on some new features for ECMAScript. At level 4, however, only one proposal for internationalization made it this time. Stage 3 also gathers more and more interesting candidates for the upcoming versions of JavaScript.

3. Vue.js 3 is here: “One Piece” modularises the JS framework

Not only has the third major version of Vue been released, the program also takes the bronze tang. Vue.js 3 is ready. After more than two years of development, the big major release is now broad and brings a lot of changes. Re-writing in TypeScript, which was considered a big step at the beginning, is now only a small piece of the puzzle. What’s new in One Piece, as Vue 3 is called?

2. JavaFX 15 published: “One should not underestimate the cross-platform capacities of JavaFX”

In second place you get an insight into the new features of JavaFX 15. We spoke to Java Champion and Gluon co-founder Johan Vos to find out everything about the current JavaFX release. In the interview he also talks about the plans for JavaFX 16 and about why JavaFX is very competitive.

1. Farewell to “Master” in the code: V8 and GitHub change naming

The trophy goes to V8 and GitHub this month. In the future, there will be a new strategy for naming code components that should dispense with racist and otherwise discriminatory terms. GitHub also makes nails in this regard: At 1.10. the platform changes its standard for naming branches of code in the repositories.

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