Less Notifications from Websites in Chrome 80

You probably know it: You visit a website and suddenly its content darkens and a window asking whether the website can show you notifications comes to the fore. You had already started looking around the site, wanted to click something or started to read – and now you are torn from your thoughts and first have to click away the said notification.

Google wants to contain this annoying phenomenon with version 80 of the Chrome browser. Notifications from websites can be a very useful feature – for example on news sites or, in particular, on sports news. But not every user would like to use this option.

This is how it will look in the future

Notifications can of course still be used. However, the question of whether you want to use this or not is displayed much less dominantly. At Google this is called “Quiet UI” (UI = User Interface). In a blog post on this topic, a screenshot is shown in which the question about notifications appears discreetly as a bar at the edge.

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that a new, useful technology is introduced and abused shortly thereafter, so that it has to be significantly restricted. Shortly after the appearance of Windows XP in 2001, the messaging service integrated into it, with which users within a network could send each other notifications, was abused by spammers. And for a number of years it has happened again and again that when users visit websites – regardless of the web browser and operating system – dubious advertisements put scripts on them, which then unintentionally open advertising pages some time later (“Congratulations – you’ve won an iPhone ! “Or similar).

Now it is the turn of the notification function and is, so to speak, “on a leash”. Probably the providers of other web browsers will follow suit sooner or later and also implement a more subtle form of notification. Chrome 80 can already be downloaded as a beta version; The final version will probably appear in February or March if the previous release dates are continued.

Video: Google Chrome 80 Update: The End of Push Notifications?

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