Link Building as an Important Component of Online Marketing

Every self-employed person with his own web presence should also keep an eye on his links at all times. Backlinks are still an important factor for the Google ranking, especially if you manage to get the corresponding links in the recommending context from high-quality pages. So what should you watch out for when handling and placing backlinks?

Why backlinks at all?

Backlinks are ultimately links that lead visitors to other websites to your own site. For the Google rating, the following criteria are of particular importance for these links:

  • The strength of the backlink: A website that is often linked itself naturally tends to have a higher priority for Google than those that are hardly noticed.
  • The total number of outbound backlinks: The more external websites are linked on a website, the less relevant these links are weighted for Google. For example, if a web directory consists exclusively of links, these links are of little importance on the part of Google.
  • The relevance of the content of the linking website: The more industry-like the content of the linking website, the more valuable the links are for the Google ranking. For example, if a self-employed web programmer places a backlink in a gardening forum, this link is less relevant than if the link is in a software forum.
  • The exact position of the backlink: The respective position of the link also influences the effect. It is therefore not insignificant whether the link is very small at the end of the page or very large at the beginning of the page.
  • The anchor text of the backlink: Google also looks at the anchor text with which the backlink was set. A suitable anchor text for your own ranking goal is certainly helpful to a certain extent. This should also be chosen carefully.

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How can you create backlinks?

There are different methods of getting backlinks. Many website operators rely on SEO agencies who are at your side with advice and offer continuous support. You should always keep in mind that it takes some time for the backlinks to have an effect. As a rule, you can only make statements about the effect of the respective backlink and draw conclusions from analysis after about six months.

A particularly informative website is an example of how to get backlinks. So you can create a blog or a kind of lexicon with such high quality content that it is linked “by itself”, as other people find the content helpful. Publishing press releases or entries in online business directories can also be a good way of placing effective backlinks. Buying backlinks is also an option. The advantage of buying backlinks is that the respective providers have a large pool of websites on which the backlinks can be placed very effectively. However, one should proceed with caution in order not to commit an obvious violation of the official Google guidelines. In the course of time, you can also put together your own network of websites, but this is sometimes very time-consuming. 

As you can see, in many industries it is still essential to place backlinks on websites that are as relevant as possible in order to increase / improve the number of visitors to a website and its rating within the Google ranking.

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