More Internet Traffic: 10 Tips How To Increase Website Traffic

Generating more internet traffic generates more exposure for any business, and in the best case scenario, more traffic to the website results in higher sales. That’s why self-employed people should get more traffic as early as possible. The “crowbar” path may be successful in the short term, but more important is the goal of sustainably increasing website traffic with constant profit for the company. Various methods can be used for this. The following 10 tips should help founders and entrepreneurs on their way to more traffic.

1. Tip: Ensure sustainable, high-quality content

The most important tip for website traffic: high quality content! Only professionally written texts with interesting content will be read and shared with pleasure. The texts must address the readers. High quality content can attract occasional users to regular readers and subscribers and thus sustainably increase website traffic. The self-employed can only achieve the sustainability of the traffic if they constantly guarantee the high level of the content.

2nd tip: send newsletters 

Newsletters, sent to the right addressees with the appropriate content, are a suitable means for self-employed, founders and entrepreneurs to increase website traffic without being dependent on search engines. The readers should be provided with additional information and background knowledge about the advertising homepage. In this way, they can unobtrusively boost website traffic.

3rd tip: use social networks

Since search engines indirectly support social internet traffic, the self-employed should get involved in social networks such as google +, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This involves a lot of effort, but it enables more traffic; because the search engines rank the website higher.

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4th tip: use SEO

The search engine optimization is to increase a necessary measure for all self-employed, their website traffic. However, it requires a lot of effort and perseverance. Various requirements should be taken into account here, for example backlinks, user experience and loading times, but also the length of time users spend on the individual pages. Local SEO in particular is becoming increasingly important for Internet traffic. At best, it should be combined with a call to action.

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Tip 5: Join forums

Forums are good opportunities for the self-employed, founders and entrepreneurs to take part in discussions on relevant topics. Since questions about the participants’ websites are quickly raised, the self-employed can quickly generate traffic on their homepages with interesting answers.

6. Tip: Use a link

In forums in particular, links quickly appear which increase website traffic. Basically, there is nothing wrong with linking. However, it is important to ensure a balance between outgoing and incoming links. Fewer links achieve more, because SERPs (search engine results) that are growing too quickly carry the risk of being punished. Predominantly outbound links can make the website appear as a “link farm”. It is also important that the self-employed only link their website to high-quality sources.

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7. Tip: write guest articles

Writing guest articles for third-party blogs or homepages is a good way for founders and entrepreneurs to increase their own website traffic through linking. There are also article directories in which the self-employed can register to write articles and thus generate more traffic for themselves. It is important that only high quality articles are submitted, otherwise they will be rejected. In order to underline their own credibility, the self-employed should only accept good quality content as guest posts for their websites.

8. Tip: Send press releases

The reach of the press portals can be used excellently for self-employed people, founders and entrepreneurs to increase their website traffic. If you have interesting news from your company that is of general interest, you can send it out as press releases. The press releases must meet three requirements: they must be newsworthy, relevant and convincing. Otherwise they end up mercilessly in the bin like wastepaper.

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9. Tip: relaunch your website

The internet business is very fast moving. What was “avant-garde” a few years ago can already be “old fashioned” today. This observation also applies to websites. That is why they must be “up to date” in good time, they must not deter users with their “obsolescence” and thus be responsible for falling traffic. This is why founders and entrepreneurs have to constantly check their website and relaunch it in good time. A website builder can be a suitable and inexpensive tool.

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Tip 10: don’t forget offline

Founders, like all other self-employed people and entrepreneurs, should keep in mind that they should not regard website traffic as a pure matter of Internet traffic. Forgetting about offline activity could have a negative impact on web traffic; Because conversations with customers, acquaintances or friends about the website and the use of advertising media such as business cards, business stationery and flyers are definitely suitable for increasing website traffic.


Website traffic is essential for all self-employed people, founders and entrepreneurs. Therefore, your aim should be to continuously increase website traffic. The 10 tips described represent only a small but important part of the possibilities how the self-employed can generate more traffic. The content is not only king, but the basis for increasing the traffic on the website; because it is not only formulated, but also linked, distributed in social media, offered as a guest post, used for SEO or given to the press. But also the possibilities of offline should not be forgotten to generate more traffic.

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