More Visitors to the Company Website: Clever SEO with Explanatory Videos

Nowadays it is no longer enough to simply “put a website online” for your own company. In order to arouse the interest of potential new customers, you have to think about a web presence that stands out from the crowd and the associated effective online marketing.

This has to be contemporary and meet the expectations of the target group. The inclusion of video material can be a key to achieving this goal.
With the advancing development of Internet usage, the needs and habits of Internet users have changed. Above all, the ever faster internet connections and the widespread mobile availability of the web play a major role.

We’re not going online anymore. We are online – always! This fact has a significant impact on the demands on the design of websites. With all of this, moving images haven’t been a new trend for a long time. Nevertheless, it is only now that more and more companies are turning to the clever use of videos and are getting some advantages from it.

Video – the medium of the young generation?

Searching on YouTube is the second most used search function in the world after Google search. The young generation, the so-called millennials, grew up with videos on the web – they no longer know the times when more than one image per website caused the loading time to increase to unbearable levels.

But even “older semesters” recognize the advantage of an explanatory video. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are increasingly introducing all of their users to the consumption of video material.

In addition: Internet access is getting faster and faster and is available almost everywhere on the go. And the end devices are becoming more multifunctional.

These end devices, smartphones and tablets, ensure that videos can be produced quickly and easily – even in HD.

If you don’t have the money for a professional video production and access to in-house production seems difficult, you should look into low budget filmmaking

All of this means that there are more and more videos on the internet. That changed the expectations of the website visitors significantly. And that no longer only applies to young millennials. According to statista, YouTube usage is increasing sharply, especially in the group of Internet users over 50 !

So if you want to “stay on the ball”, use this changed web usage behavior as an opportunity, for example with the use of explanatory videos on your own company website.

Get content to interested parties faster with good explanatory videos

A website should inform and advertise. Explanatory videos are ideally suited to quickly and clearly convey facts about your own company, a product or a service offered to customers.

A video can explain things in a short time for which a text would need several pages, for example when it comes to data protection, as here:

Pictures speak to emotions more directly than texts. This effect increases with videos. A good explanatory video reaches the target group directly when needed. It fits the company and, ideally, connects needs and products via a story.

In this way, we combine the need group and the supplying company at the same time. That is what is meant by storytelling.
If we manage to prepare our stories in an original way, this creates a viral effect – videos are shared on the Internet.

It is also clear: not every shot can be a “hit”. But if you hit the bull’s eye, such a video will help boost the company’s image and create new customer contacts .

The best practice example of virally functioning storytelling in video form is the video image campaign ” Supergeil ” for EDEKA from 2014:

Dissemination through video platforms and social networks such as YouTube & Facebook

Explanatory videos can be uploaded to video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo and thus achieve a high presence on the Internet. From there you can embed the videos on your own website.

Even social networks like Facebook or Twitter offer excellent opportunities for further dissemination. This does not only mean the “organic” distribution as a post in the company profile. Even if significantly more users can often be reached in this way with videos than is possible with text, image or link posts.

The advertisement managers in particular are – if used skillfully – a real treasure trove for new customer contacts.

Note: Every shared video means additional attention on the Internet – the central criterion for evaluating the relevance of an online company for “its” product and service topics. Videos are a blessing for online marketing!

Don’t forget about video SEO and marketing

A must for every website and every explanatory video: Search engine optimization of the video itself and the landing pages in which the video is integrated.

In this particular case, search engine optimization does not only mean, but also, the maintenance of the metadata – page title and description. Directly on YouTube, keywords are even included as tags, with which the content can be reduced to keywords.

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