Search Engine Optimization: The Relevance of SEO for the Self-Employed and Small Businesses

The success of a company depends essentially on the visibility of its own offer on the Internet. The biggest project and the best product are only as relevant as its findability. The market is big, so it is necessary to adapt the marketing strategies and optimize the professional website. Anyone who depends on being found on the Internet cannot avoid SEO. To do this, it is important to understand what customers are looking for and how and to find suitable solutions. A sensibly chosen URL is just as important as good content and the right keywords.

Definition of SEO

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) and is a key aspect of online marketing. The focus is on all measures that are necessary to place a website on the first page of Google and there in the upper segment. To do this, it is important to optimize the page using so-called keywords (search terms). In contrast to paid ads, for example via Google Adwords, a so-called organic search should be enabled via SEO.

The goal of search engine optimization is more frequent access to the website by users. The higher up a page appears in the search results, the more the traffic (website access) increases. An increase in users increases the chances of getting more interested customers.

SEO for your own internet presence

If you succeed in attracting users through a high positioning of the company website on the Internet, you can save a lot of money for otherwise mostly necessary advertising measures. If you use a search engine on the Internet, you will in most cases only click on the first ten to fifteen websites in the search results, but often significantly less. What does not appear there is hardly noticed. The self-employed are particularly dependent on being found by potential new customers. Accordingly, you benefit sustainably from SEO measures as a central component of your professional marketing. The success of your own website is essentially based on being found at all, generating traffic and continuously gaining new customers in the further course. The Search engine optimization offers the decisive advantage here of being found by a target group without the detour via advertising campaigns.

The following article will help you master the art of SEO:

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Important facts about the structure of a page

Several aspects are relevant for the ranking of websites. A search engine analyzes both the number of pages and the content, i.e. the texts posted. With the texts, the quality is decisive. Search engines recognize whether texts are only automatically compiled using keywords. The text content should always offer the reader real added value. The structure of the page content is also crucial, as is the insertion of different types of links. A website also needs internal links. These are links that refer to other areas of the page (sub-pages) within the page. In addition, external links are indispensable, i.e. links that refer to another from your own site. Backlinks from external sites to your own are also required.

The importance of keywords

Users search for products or services using search terms. These can be individual terms, but also complex phrases that consist of several words. In order for interested users to become customers at some point, the search words used must also appear on your own website. The free “Google Adword Planner” is ideally suited to find out what people are looking for and with what formulations. In this tool you can enter your own topics and identify frequently used keywords. The search words found are usually entered in the title of a text, in the headings and in the meta-text. They can also appear sporadically in the course of a text.

The learnability

It takes time for a website to achieve a desired ranking. The competition also uses SEO for their own Internet presence and tries to achieve the same good results. In addition, SEO cannot be learned in a crash course. Many strategies are based on experience and trial and error. What worked well today can show a different result tomorrow. Google changes its algorithm more often. The changes are not always communicated; they often only reveal themselves through personal observations. It is therefore important to stay on the ball permanently, to do your own research and to learn new things promptly. Of course, there is also the option of entrusting the care of your own website to experienced SEO experts, such as the SEO agency.

The pitfalls

In order for a well-written page text to achieve an optimal ranking and to be found in the search engine hit lists, it needs relevant keywords. It is important to avoid overloading the text with an excess of search terms. Otherwise, Google regards this as “keyword stuffing”.

The design of the website is not only a stylistic device, but also important for ranking. If interested users leave a page because of an inferior design, this user signal is recognized and evaluated by Google.


A website on which one’s own offers and services are presented is the flagship for the self-employed. As one of the essential marketing channels, SEO offers the opportunity to generate targeted traffic without expensive advertising campaigns. Relevant page content is just as important as the integration of internal and external links and backlinks. Basically, it is important to pay attention to real and high quality content in order not to be classified as spam by Google. Learning the necessary measures is worthwhile, but takes time and requires experience. Alternatively, an SEO agency can be commissioned to maintain the website.

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