SEO: This Will Be Important in 2021

In 2021, the user, their search intention and the website experience will move even more into the focus of a search query. With each update, Google aims to improve the quality of the search results displayed and to display the content with the highest user and topic relevance. But how can website operators still influence their keyword ranking? The following blog post is intended to answer these and other questions. Content, Featured Snippets, PageSpeed ​​and Voice Search: We show what will be important for SEO in 2021.

Complex content as a success factor

The content quality is the basis for a successful SEO ranking. Since there are constantly new (long-tail) search queries regardless of the industry, the complexity of the content is important in addition to being up to date and trustworthy. It is important to have concentrated content that fully covers topics in its keyword set and provides the best possible and clear answer to users’ questions. This includes a clean style of language as well as the readability and structure of content. In 2021, depending on the topic, this should also include multimedia content such as images and videos. The length of the content alone is no longer decisive.

PageSpeed ​​and ease of use are becoming more important

The PageSpeed ​​of a website has been a relevant ranking factor since the Google Speed ​​Update in July 2018 at the latest. It is primarily about mobile search queries that are made via smartphone or tablet. Ultimately, today no user wants to wait seven seconds for the content of a website to be fully loaded. Basically: Faster is always better in order to increase the user friendliness and to reduce the bounce rate as a result of a too long loading time.

However, a fast PageSpeed ​​is only one factor that determines the usability of a website. In addition, an appealing web design, logical navigation, good mobile display and the security of websites are among the important ranking factors for 2021.

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Voice search is gaining in importance

Voice search has recently become more and more important due to the widespread use of voice assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, Siri or Google Home. The American statistics company Comscore even goes so far that it forecasts a voice search share of over 50% of all search queries for 2020. The use of structured data makes sense to optimize the voice search. The markup provider provides a speakable property for this purpose. This can be used to mark short and concise content in order to provide quick answers to relevant questions. FAQs are suitable for this.

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Use featured snippets to rank in position 0

Google introduced the first featured snippets in 2017. These enable website operators to highlight certain content such as text sections, lists, tables and FAQs. The advantage is that featured snippets have a decisive influence on the so-called position 0 on Google. Position 0 is displayed above the regular search results and can cause a significant increase in the click rate due to the prominent placement. A disadvantage, however, is when, in the case of FAQ snippets, possible questions can already be answered on the search results page. In this case, there is no higher click rate, but rather “zero-click searches”, which automatically lead to less traffic. As a result, depending on the industry, not all featured snippets are suitable for increasing the traffic of a website.

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Backlinks are and will remain important

Authentic and high-quality backlinks are also an important ranking factor in 2021. According to Google, good backlinks can have a positive influence on the rankings of websites. However, link purchase and link exchange are still a violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines and can lead to manual penalties for individual URLs or entire websites. The building of the backlink should take place primarily through the publication of unique content such as special studies, guides and infographics. A cleanup of link profiles, however, is only necessary if Google has imposed a manual measure on a website.

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Conclusion for 2021: SEO will remain SEO!

Seldom have there been as many Google updates as there are today, even if nuances have actually changed since “Hummingbird” and “Rankbrain”. Since the first update, it has been important to consider entities to this day. Nevertheless, it is important that websites are not only oriented towards the requirements of search engines, but also towards the needs of users. Content relevance, user friendliness and user experience (e.g. click rates) are also decisive ranking factors in 2021. As Google itself reports, websites can only rank in the first positions of the search engine if they are significantly better than other sites. This speaks in favor of a holistic optimization that takes into account both the PageSpeed ​​and featured snippets and modern voice search. But be careful

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