The best Google Analytics dashboards and reports for download

Google Analytics offers you many options for evaluating your website. So that you can keep an overview, we have created dashboards and custom reports for you that summarize the most important analysis elements and can be easily imported into your Google Analytics account via the Google Analytics Solution Gallery. Sorted according to subject areas such as SEO or AdWords, they cover the most important questions.

Google Analytics dashboards and personalized reports

Analytics provides you with a wide variety of data in the form of over 100 reports that serve as the basis for reporting and evaluations . With the help of different filters and segments you can adapt the reports according to your wishes. However, the reports are not saved automatically and your settings will be lost as soon as you apply a new filter.

To avoid this, Google Analytics offers the possibility to create custom reports and dashboards . Here you can clearly compare the dimensions and metrics that are important to you . The settings you made are saved and you can call them up again and again without much effort.

When creating reports and dashboards, it can happen that incorrect dimensions and metrics are combined in one report and that no meaningful result is obtained. For example, this is the case when combining pages with sessions. Google Analytics doesn’t warn you if the combined data doesn’t make sense. Or are you unsure which KPIs are important for your evaluations?

webdesignagencia templates for dashboards and reports

We know from experience which KPIs are interesting and should be monitored regularly. On this basis, we have developed templates for reports and dashboards that give you a quick overview of your website and allow you to make first meaningful evaluations.

You can save yourself the hassle of searching and clicking when creating your personalized reports and dashboards with these templates. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about whether dimensions and metrics have been combined correctly. Since you only import the templates, you can edit and adapt the templates later according to your requirements.

Our dashboards and reports at a glance

We have put together two bundles for you: one for personalized reports and one for dashboards.

With the Starter Bundle for custom reports you get a total of 8 personalized reports as templates:

  • Basic KPIs
  • Daily, weekly and monthly evaluation with the most important KPIs
  • Access according to the individual hours of the day
  • Events: List of all events in table form
  • SEA overview: campaigns, ad groups, keywords
  • SEO overview: sources and keywords
  • Mobile vs. desktop access in comparison
  • Referrer hits: Referral URL and landing pages

The reports are a good basis for monthly or weekly reporting . The overview reports (basic KPIs, temporal evaluations, events) provide information about the overall situation of your website. The supplementary reports (SEO, SEA, mobile vs. desktop, referrer access) then deal with specific questions, for example how mobile use has developed and changed compared to the use of the website via the desktop.

The second bundle contains the following 7 dashboards :

  • Complete overview
  • Overview of the existing facilities
  • Comparison between desktop and mobile access
  • Organic access
  • AdWords campaigns
  • Page performance, loading times
  • Error pages (adjust widget settings here)

Questions that arise in the course of a reporting cycle can be answered quickly and clearly using these dashboards. For example, they give you a general overview of your website, but there are also more specific dashboards that show the important KPIs for SEO or AdWords. This gives you a precise overview of the structure and the most important data of your site.

Simply download our solutions

You can easily download our templates from the Google Solutions Gallery and import them into your accounts with just a few clicks.

Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

The Solutions Gallery has many useful templates. Here you will find over 120,000 solutions for dashboards, user-defined reports, segments, goals, channel groupings, remarketing lists, target plans and user-defined attribution models, which should make it easier for you to use Google Analytics and evaluations.

However, you should take into account that every user can publish entries in the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery. The separation of the really helpful contributions from the less helpful ones is sometimes difficult. In addition, many of the entries are in English and not provided with a description. Here you basically only know afterwards what you have imported into your account.

Just look for Bernadette in the Solution Gallery and sort it according to the latest entries. Here you will find the two starter bundles.

lunapark starter bundles in the Google Solution Gallery

Select one of the two bundles and click on Download. In a second window you can now choose whether you want to import all templates or whether it should only be certain parts of the bundle and to which data view the reports or dashboards should be assigned.

Import dashboards and reports into Google Analytics

Then you can create the selected elements. They are automatically imported and entered in your account in the appropriate place in the selected view under Dashboards or custom reports.

For example, select one of the reports in your account and you will see which elements are stored in the report. You can then change or delete individual widgets. This is how you adapt the template to your individual requirements.

Our conclusion

With the two starter bundles from the Google Analytics Solution Gallery you can evaluate important data for your Google Analytics account free of charge and with just a few clicks. Annoying searches and the uncertainty as to whether all settings have been made correctly are eliminated thanks to the comprehensive templates. Take advantage of our many years of experience!

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