Top 10 Free Tools for Website Improvement

Top 10 Free Tools for Website Improvement

The top 10 free tools that we use again and again are summarized for you in this post. This is my little list of free tools to help improve your website .

1. Is the website in a bad neighborhood?

Bad neighborhood? Link Checker – Links are important. This link checker checks whether all links on the website are functional and whether they are in good or bad neighborhood. A first overview, for example to see which of the links are seen as potential spam sites. The rating is not 100% meaningful, but gives a small overview.

2. Analyze backlinks

Backlinks are important. You can also analyze backlinks for free with the Open Site Explorer from MOZ.

3. Website performance

The performance of your website Measure: To realistic insight to get how a website loads, this tool can help. It emulates different browsers and the behavior of the website in them from different countries. Actually a MUST HAVE for site speed testing.

4. Find keywords

Free keyword tool for Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon and the App Store – this search word tool finds suitable keywords and questions about entered words. This helpful tool quickly shows what people are “talking about” on the Internet, making it a great research tool for planned content, etc.

5. Free website checker

OnPage-Org offers a free website checker. This offers a first insight into the things that have to be implemented on the website.

6. How does a BOT see the website?

The Spider Simulator shows how a search engine sees and reacts to its own website.


7. knowledge of talk about what

The Google Alert is a free service that can be informed about it when changes are made on a specific topic publications on the Internet. The minimum you should use this tool for is to monitor your own brand.

8. Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool which, especially in connection with the Google Search Console, can offer a lot of valuable information.

9. Free Images

Pixelio and  Morgue File offer free photos that can be used on websites. Pixabay also offers photos, but there are more frequent warnings to be heard there. It is therefore imperative to document the free offer. If you like it simple and stress-free, we recommend Stock unlimited , where you can download unlimited, very good image material for around 4 euros a month.

10. Behavioral

tests Feng-GUI generates heatmaps for websites (after uploading a screenshot) and simulates the human view of the website within the first five seconds. What catches the eye, where is the viewer looking. This is a great tool to see how the viewer is reacting.

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