That the popular baking powder from Dr. Oetker bakes well is well known. But only a few know that the small sachet is one of the first examples of successful content marketing: in 1891 August Oetker printed recipes on the back of the baking powder packet. Then as now, the most important criterion: convincing content with added value. Read here why this is also important for B2B brands.

Content marketing – the buzzword that has not been around in online marketing for years. It doesn’t matter whether it’s B2B or B2C. For us, content marketing is not just hype, but the roof of B2B communication.

The B2B buying process as an anchor point for successful content marketing

In B2B, the buying process plays the decisive role – especially for successful content marketing. The challenge: Place relevant content at the important touchpoints for everyone involved in the purchasing process. So for decision-makers, buyers, internal and external influencers, users and selectors.

This is difficult because each group of people needs different content. In addition, content marketing is not about explaining the products. Product texts can do that. Content marketing transports the effect – also with the help of storytelling. This promotes understanding, explains the topic or clarifies problems. Content marketing also imparts knowledge, provides insights into practice or finds solutions.

Content marketing offers added value. This is why these forms are most successful in B2B:

  • Whitepaper
  • Case studies
  • Blog article
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Checklists

A blog, for example, offers the opportunity to deal regularly and in detail with specialist topics. Case studies are good practical examples. White papers represent high quality content. Subject-specific questions are answered in a manageable scope. Checklists, in turn, provide a quick and precise overview of product details.

So there are some types of content that can be used to convey different content. Always put yourself in the shoes of your target group and remember that those responsible expect relevant information in various places.

Content marketing will represent the roof of communication in the B2B environment. Content marketing has been an important component for many years. The importance and influence of content are growing steadily.

For example, a decision maker is interested in the benefits of the product, the profitability and the progress of his company. For the user, the handling and the meaning of the solution are important. While the buyer is primarily interested in the comparability of the products and the best quality at the lowest price.

Content marketing must therefore meet many requirements and offer specific content for these target groups. Also in social media. The most suitable are these channels:

  • XING
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Content marketing in B2B: a balancing act that pays off

As far as content is concerned, the B2B area sits between two stools: on the one hand, between the different needs of the people involved and the markets with different buying processes. Balancing that is the job of content marketing.

The provision of different content for special target groups brings some advantages, especially in B2B. The broad distribution of your specialist knowledge makes one thing above all visible: your position as an expert. In this way, you prove your competence and stand out from your competitors.
B2B content marketing is not just aimed at pure specialist knowledge. Inspiration is the big keyword. Show how and where your products can still be used. As a case study, as a separate website area or as a blog post.

Ultimately, a wide variety of users who are jointly responsible for purchasing decisions identify with your company. The credibility of your B2B company increases. And at the same time you bind prospects and customers to your brand. Ultimately, you not only benefit from better ranking results, but also from the leads generated.


B2B brands need target group-oriented content marketing. Take the chance and package your knowledge in different types of content. There are enough reasons for this: Your specialist knowledge becomes visible, you are authentic and lead generation, SEO, email marketing and social media benefit in the long term. Try it!

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