Web Design Company

Web Design Company

As an agency for designing websites, we not only help our customers to be found more easily on the internet, but also accompany them with the relaunch or the creation of a new website with Web Design Agencia.

What is web design?

Web design is the design of websites for a holistic presence. The design and the benefits are geared towards the target group. The focus is on the goal that the customer would like to achieve with the Internet offer. Depending on the target group, the desired effect and the required user interaction (usability), a unique design is created that supports the business purpose of the customer.

Important elements in finding the right design are:

  • Conception
  • layout
  • technology
  • Content

The order of these points is not fixed. Often many aspects are worked on at the same time. By and large, web design is based on the information that is to be conveyed to visitors.


The purpose of a website is defined in the conception. In addition, the target group is defined and the further procedure is determined. This can be done, for example, as part of a workshop .

Usually, a schedule is also created here in which milestones are set.

Design and technology

The design is not just about the visual design of the website. In addition to appealing images, functionality and effects are also desirable.

Ease of use plays a special role. In terms of both the graphic and the technical design, care must be taken to ensure that the user of the website feels comfortable and can easily and “playfully” access or experience all information. Good usability determines 50%  of the ranking in Google & Co. Design graves, in which a user cannot find their way around, have no value (except perhaps the satisfaction of the ego)

Visual design

In the visual design of a website, points such as font, colors, images, texts, videos etc. are worked out to suit the use of the website.
First, the rough structure is sketched using wireframes / mockups. As a rule, 1-2 sample pages are prepared graphically as a suggestion. Programs such as Photoshop, Gimp or Fireworks are often used for this.

Technical design

In the technical design, the functions (slider, effects, database searches – that is, the “added value”) are defined. The basic structure of the page also includes the corresponding HTML, CSS and JavaScript functions. The structure and the structure are implemented in such a way that the pages are “clickable”. Ideally, this version is already close to the end result, but often not yet provided with all texts, content and content graphics.


Texts can be highlighted with images and videos and made user-friendly. Content should be understandable and informative. In addition, the texts can be comprehensive. A babble around and texts piled up with filler words are not helpful – and nobody wants to read them. Precise information – that’s what users (and Google) want.

How we support you as an SEO agency

We support you from planning, construction and implementation to quality assurance.

User experience

Ease of use is one of the most important aspects of a website. You have to find your way around in order to be able to maintain a good ranking. We can support you with a sophisticated user-friendly design or in advance with a UX audit in which we list the errors and eliminate them for the redesign.

Mobile first

The mobile view must also be considered when building a website. Mobile First describes the conception of a version of your website that is optimized for mobile devices. Essential points are the presentation of the menu, the submenus, various graphics that have to be adapted and, and, and …

We help you to set up and design your mobile view in a user-friendly way. Page speed is a ranking factor, so it is necessary for first  place in Google .


It is not enough to fill the website with “normal” content. Texts have to be relevant. This means that content must be developed that includes as much information on a topic as possible. Your website visitor should be able to find them easily.

Our keyword research finds relevant keywords with a decent search volume. These search words / topics complete the content. Care must be taken that there is no over-optimization.

Quality assurance, analysis and troubleshooting

A success test can take place for the first time within four weeks of publication. Traffic and click rate can be compared with the goals. Adjustments may be necessary.

We can regularly analyze traffic and ranking and support you with future changes.


  • In order to be successful with a website on the net, many aspects have to be taken in hand
  • Concept, design, technology and content are important points
  • The user-friendliness of a website is at least 50% responsible for a proper ranking
  • An SEO agency ensures ongoing support, optimization and can create and improve content, win new customers, etc.