Why Startups and Online Marketing Belong Together

After all formalities have been completed and the establishment of the company has been successful, the actual operational business begins and founders have to master numerous challenges. In the online start-up area, many things can be done without large investments, but with marketing it is often difficult.

Most founders know this: Due to the lack of awareness, there is no rush of users, no matter how well the concept or website is designed. Since the marketing budget is very limited in most cases, it must therefore be considered which measures can be implemented most effectively. Expensive TV spots or print ads are eliminated in most cases. Some marketing measures can still be carried out yourself without a lot of budget, without the help of external agencies or service providers. Most of these measures can be found in the area of ​​online marketing.

Measures with a small budget

Many of these measures get by with little, others even with no monetary investment at all. Often the measures overlap or are definitely related to one another, depending on the company’s orientation and industry, some measures make more sense for certain goals and others less sense.


Even if there are still startups that do without SEO at the beginning, the earlier you start with appropriate measures, the sooner you can achieve initial successes. SEO is a process and not a single measure that should be constantly monitored. The position within the ranking of search results on Google and Co. is decisive for whether potential customers get to the site at all. Many SEO measures can also be carried out on your own without the help of a professional agency  .


Even if it is not free, it can be an option for startups to use Google’s paid Adwords. Although you have to spend a little money for this, you only pay for visitors who actually click the link and thus get to their own page. Since the ad can be changed or turned off at any time, Adwords remains very controllable overall. Often you can also take advantage of practical special offers where you get an additional bonus for a certain amount.

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Social media

Hardly a start today does without social media. A lot of things can be done here free of charge or with minimal financial outlay. Facebook, for example, is an important factor for many companies. Any marketing campaigns that rely on communication can be implemented here on various platforms that are always suitable for the company.

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Content marketing

Content marketing is all about content. This content should offer the user added value and, if possible, should not have an advertising character. The aim of content marketing is not primarily to get customers to buy, but rather to arouse general interest. A simple example of content marketing is a blog entry on a specific topic. It is important that there is actually a practical benefit for those who are interested.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a collaboration between two actors. On the one hand the seller (merchant) and on the other hand the website operator (affiliate). The site operator makes space available on his website for advertising elements of the merchant, so to speak. If a site visitor clicks on these advertising elements or even a direct purchase is made, the website operator receives a commission for this. Affiliate marketing is also often mentioned in connection with passive income .

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Analyze and optimize measures

Furthermore, it is particularly important to check the success of individual measures. There are numerous free analysis tools available for this, with which the success of individual measures can be analyzed. Thus, you can examine individual measures for their effectiveness and optimize the respective strategy. With increasing sales figures and more budget, over time you can include further marketing measures in the marketing mix. It is important that well-functioning measures and channels are constantly improved in order to be able to use these strong channels effectively. If it turns out that certain measures are not so successful, you can do without them.

At the end of the day, online marketing is in many cases “trial and error”. It is also clear that not every marketing measure works equally well for every company. The good thing is that numerous measures can easily be tried out and optimized again and again. There are detailed instructions, tutorials or other helpful tips on the Internet for many areas of online marketing. It is important for startups to get a foot in the door of online marketing and to advertise their own product / service and to make potential customers aware of them. Further, more in-depth information on the subject of online marketing can also be found here .

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