Why W Questions Are so Exciting for Online Marketing

If you want to win customers over the Internet, you should not only approach potential customers when they are about to buy. Before almost every purchase decision, there is an (often intensive) purchase research. Just being able to help the customer with this can influence the customer’s purchase decision in his favor.

W questions play a major role in the preparation of this assistance. Here we explain how it works so that interested parties become customers!
Who, how, what … why, … people are faced with new challenges every day. A young couple, Christine and John, set up their first apartment. The 35-year-old Peter wants to buy a new car for the first time. 23-year-old Jane would like to get married soon. And the well-off married couple, James and Amanda, are planning their first major real estate investment.

They all have one thing in common – no one has the faintest idea of ​​what’s going to happen !

“Google knows” … search engines as the gatekeeper of the internet

Nowadays, whenever someone has no idea about something, they google it. This is why search engines – not just Google, but also Amazon or Pinterest – seem like the gatekeepers of the internet these days. And companies see themselves “forced” to be easily found in search engines.

Without worrying too much about what customers like the aforementioned Jane, who is willing to marry, are actually looking for, wedding planner Frank is now optimizing his website for the term “wedding planner in New York”.

That these optimization efforts are not completely wrong is proven by the fact that the young lady might at some point be able to look for a wedding planner in her city of New York- and then our wedding planner Frank would be in the TOP 10 of the search result pages if the website was successfully optimized to find .

The problem with that: At the moment, Jane’s head is just full of questions. She doesn’t have a clue of what it takes to have a wedding to plan. And – she has never heard that there are service providers like Frank for all these tasks!

Why not ask the search engine?

Those who have not yet been confronted with a certain task in their previous life can now use a search engine – at any time of the day or night. Very often they do this on a smartphone or tablet. So does Jane. And it actually asks tons of questions to the search engine. Seven of these questions were:

  • Marriage proposal – what does it include?
  • Who has to order the line-up?
  • How to organize a wedding?
  • Wedding dinner, what should you watch out for?
  • Who organizes the wedding cake?
  • What can a wedding DJ cost?
  • Where can I buy wedding gifts?

A wedding planner who is really clever will help the future bride Jane get answers to all of these questions. After all, he has been asked these questions so many times in the last few years -that answering is very easy for him!

But how does our wedding planner find out which questions are tormenting Jane?

W-question tools as intermediaries between inquirers and suppliers

In order to find out what weddings like Jane inquire about marriage in search engines, wedding planner Frank can use W-question tools .

The wedding planner knows the key keywords that are part of planning a wedding. 

These W question tools are available:

The questions tools listed here can all be used free of charge . I would advise wedding planner Frank to take a look 😉

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What to do with the answers to the many W questions?

The usual company website does not actually offer any space for answers to such questions. Wedding planner Frank’s website, in addition to the start page, only has a brief “About us”, a few key services and a picture gallery.

When Frank looks on the websites of his competitors to see how they deal with questions from potential new customers, he comes across a blog here and there. The quality, however, does not convince him:

  • for competitor 1, the blog posts are as flat as a puddle ,
  • at number 2 is the current blog postfrom eight months ago and
  • Wedding planner number 3 doesn’t even match the spelling .

Frank rightly asks himself:

Do you need a company blog to answer customer questions?

No, it really doesn’t have to be a blog. All of these questions can be answered very well in an FAQ area (frequently asked questions), a topic and trends section or an informative wiki.

If, in the end, wedding planner Frank chooses a blog as the dosage form, that’s okay too – he should just do better than his competitors!

If space has now been created on the website for answering the questions and a suitable form has been found, then the next question arises:

How can you answer exciting and entertaining questions online?

Before Frank starts writing, he should clarify five basic points:

  • For which target / need groups should you write?
  • What should be written about ?
  • Who should write it?
  • In which form should you write?
  • Which channels Frank brings his answers to the questioner?

The questions about products, the solutions that can be developed with the products, about your own company and the market in which you operate can be answered by the business owner, his employees , guest experts or his customers.

The answers do not necessarily have to be written in the form of a blog post. A survey can just as easily provide an answer as an explanatory video, an interview, an infographic, a how-to guide or a great checklist.

  • the search engine optimization of the content,
  • the fan base on Facebook ,
  • a regular customer newsletter ,
  • the followers on Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest ,
  • Talks with the press ,
  • Lectures at conferences ,
  • Contacts to other companies ,
  • Business partner ,Blogger and advertising .

Conclusion: What companies get from so much service for their customers in the long term

We all ask ourselves questions every day and hope to find answers. We are grateful to the people who help us answer .

For experts like wedding planner Frank, answering is not difficult. The service they provide makes life a lot easier for those who ask questions like Jane.

So anyone who gives real help by answering questions publicly and demonstrating competence should get down to work.

Showing expertise creates trust. With this trust, it is easy to get in touch, because it makes a good first impression on people who could soon become customers.

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