Yarn 2.3: Info command outputs selected information

The npm alternative Yarn has received an update: With Yarn 2.3, developers can now more selectively access information about the packages they are using. There is also a new feature called “Nohoist”.

Yarn not only delivers new features with major versions, the minor releases also often bring exciting changes to the npm alternative. Among other things, the Package Manager has received a revision of the info command this time, which can be used to output data on the packages currently in use. In contrast to the analog npm command, Yarn now does without displaying the README file as a single-line text string. The format is difficult to read, so the command in Yarn will no longer output this information. The information content of the command was not fundamentally reduced, but rather supplemented elsewhere: The info command in Yarn will in future also show how big a package is in the cache when the corresponding flag is passed.

Yarn 2.3: New information and more

In addition to the innovation in the information output, Yarn 2.3 also has a feature called Nohoist. Nohoist is there to make workspaces available to React Native users, as the mobile framework still does not have its own support for it. Details on what Nohoist is and how it was implemented can be found in the blog post on the release .

The innovations also include the fact that CLI options can now be documented using the CLI framework Clipanion. Further information can also be found in the blog post linked above.

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